This remarkable 5,000-year-old civilization offers a vibrant and intriguing combination of the ancient and modern. From the exceptionally remote deserts of the wild northwest to the ultra-modern city of Hong Kong in the south, the diversity of this vast country’s archaeology, architecture, cuisine, and cultural heritage is astounding. From ancient historical sites and antique relics to grand imperial palaces, exquisite water towns and enchanting natural wonders, there's so much to explore that it can at times seem overwhelming. Top attractions include the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, and Chengdu’s panda sanctuaries. But try to avoid a jam-packed itinerary as one of the great joys of touring China lies in aimlessly wandering through the backstreets and exploring the immaculate public parks, traditional teahouses or tranquil hidden temples. Whether you prefer a slow boat down the Yangtze or taking in the extraordinary architecture, shopping and nightlife of Shanghai, exploring China provides countless opportunities for adventure.

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There are two official standards for plugs and sockets in the People’s Republic of China. The first is the grounded, three-blade CPCS-CCC which is practically…

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Currency1 Renminbi Yuan (CNY; symbol ¥) = 10 jiao/mao or 100 fen. Notes are in denominations of ¥100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1, 5 jiao and 1 jiao. Coins are…

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All water used for drinking, brushing teeth or freezing should first be boiled or otherwise sterilised. Bottled water, widely and cheaply available, is…

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China’s extreme size means it has a great diversity of climates, but being located entirely in the northern hemisphere means its seasonal timings are…

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China’s airlines operate about 1,000 domestic routes, serving over 150 cities. Routes are served by the three major state-owned groups of Air China (,…

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If arriving in winter, heavyweight clothing and boots are recommended to cope with what can be extreme cold. Likewise, lightweight clothing should be packed…

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Also known as the cradle of humanity, Beijing is the epicentre of China’s economic, political and educational hub. The city is famous for its Hutongs which…

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Guilin is an attractive city and an extremely popular tourist destination in North Guangxi, China. The city is renowned for its magnificent natural landscape of dramatic…

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The capital of China’s southern Yunnan Province, Kunming is a bustling but pleasant city with some great sights and attractions. Don’t miss the brilliant Wu Mayao…

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Set along Mainland China’s southeastern coast, the former Portuguese enclave of Macau is a small Chinese territory stretching over 30 square kilometres. Macau comprises the Macau…

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Located on the estuary of the famed Yangtze River, the renowned international metropolis of Shanghai is a bold and brash mix of East and West. It…

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Located in the centre of the Weihe Plain, bounded by the Weihe River in the north and the Qin Mountain Range in the south, Xian is…

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