Bale Mountain Lodge

Bale Mountain Lodge is an 11 room boutique Forest Wilderness Lodge in the Bale Mountains National Park of south central Ethiopia. The location of the lodge has been selected to provide an excellent opportunity for guests to experience a pristine wilderness that incorporates the largest tract of Afro-alpine moorland remaining on the continent, the majority being over 3800m above sea level. The lodge itself is situated at 2380m within a stunning cloud forest which offers access to the Rift Valley and wider local attractions. This amazing mix of habitats supports countless rare species, many endemic to Ethiopia and some found only within the park. 60% of the remaining Ethiopian Wolves, the world’s most rare canid, are found within the park; other species include the endemic Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck, various rodent species and numerous endemic amphibians and reptiles, plus lions, rare Giant Forest Hogs and significant numbers of endemic or rare bird species.

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Forest Cottages

5 of the eleven rooms are wood & chukka constructed forest cottages (one of these being a tree house) with three of the rooms built of local stone. The regionally sourced materials and furnishings mix traditional design and contemporary style which along with wood-burning stoves create a cozy, warm atmosphere. All the cottages have sweeping views of the natural clearing and mountain range beyond.

Jackal House – 3 bedroomed house

For parties travelling together, a spacious 3 bedroomed house, with its own log fire, offers private accommodation.

Main Lodge

3 rooms with full disabled access