GHL Hotel Lago Titicaca

Located on a private island, the island Esteves, GHL Hotel Lago Titicaca offers travellers sunrises and unforgettable sunsets from anywhere in the hotel, with majestic views of Lake Titicaca. From the private pier to ancestral islands to share traditions, customs, and craftsmanship with the inhabitants of the world's highest navigable lake.The hotel is 45 minutes from Manco Capac airport and has 123 rooms. During a stay, guests can make use of the business centre, relax in the wellness and relaxation area, buy souvenirs, take pictures from the gazebo or play billiards in the games room. The restaurant offers international dishes Uros merged with the main ingredients of the region; always with a wonderful view of the lake. In the evening, enjoy a "sour coke" in Taquile bar.

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