Set in southeastern Europe, and boasting thousands of breathtaking islands in the Aegean and Ionic Seas, Greece is a country that remains virtually unrivalled in the sheer volume and diversity of its historical and cultural repertoire. For centuries visitors have been drawn to the country’s spectacular natural landscapes and rich archaeological sites, which contain the relics of four millennia of ancient culture. From the bustling nightlife of Mykonos to the breathtaking sunsets of Santorini and exquisite turquoise waters everywhere you look, Greece’s islands are arguably its biggest drawcard. Must-see heritage attractions include the numerous ancient structures of Athens; Meteora Monasteries, one of the world’s most remarkable ecclesiastical sites; the towering Mount Olympus, home of the gods; and of course Delphi, Greece’s most sacred site where the oracle once answered the questions in the temple of Apollo.

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In Greece the power sockets are of type C and F. Type C: also known as the standard ‘Euro’ plug. This socket also works with plug E and plug F. Type…

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CurrencyEuro (EUR; symbol €) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of €500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of €2, 1 and…

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Greek food tends to be very simple, rarely involving sauces but with full use of local seasonal produce, olive oil and charcoal grills – just as people…

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Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate. In summer, dry hot days are often relieved by stiff evening breezes, especially in the north, on the islands and…

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Greece’s main carriers are Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. Other airlines operating flights from the UK include British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair….

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Lightweight clothes (cotton is best) during summer months, including protection from the midday sun and sunglasses. Light sweaters are needed for evenings,…

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Dominating the Attica region of Greece, the country’s capital, Athens, is one of the oldest cities in the world. For over two and a half centuries,…

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Situated just off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea, the cosmopolitan island of Corfu is among the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. It…

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Costa Navarino

Situated in Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese, Greece, Costa Navarino is a luxury resort area of sweeping views, pristine bays, and unspoilt beaches edged by crystal-clear…

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Situated in the Ioannina regional unit of Epirus, Ioannina, also known as Yannena, serves as the capital and largest city of the region. It is idyllically…

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Kalabaka (sometimes Kalambaka) is a town in Thessaly in northern Greece. Kalabaka is primarily known as the gateway for visiting the nearby cliff top monasteries of…

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The magnificent Greek island of Lefkada dots the Ionian Sea. It features spectacular beaches sparkling azure bays, and charming seaside villages. Easily accessible, the island is…

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Monemvasia is a captivating castle town set on a tiny Peloponnese island, carved into a massive rock. The town is named for its singular entry, which…

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Located in the breathtaking landscapes of the Peloponnese in Laconia, the castle town of Mystras or Mistras is a rich haven of fascinating heritage, astounding views,…

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The small, charming port town of Nafplio is situated on the Argolic Gulf in the northeast of the Peloponnese Peninsula, just one and a half hours…

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Classically known as Thera and officially Thira, the picturesque island of Santorini dots the South Aegean Sea. Some destinations have stunning beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes,…

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The Mani Peninsula

Situated in southern Greece, the Mani Peninsula is a region of Greece that covers the middle southern peninsula of Peloponnese. It is home to the Maniots,…

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