St Petersburg

Constructed under the creative watchful eye of the visionary Tsar Peter the Great as "a window to the west," St. Petersburg is a planned city spanning across more than a hundred islands in the Neva Delta. With its pastel palaces, gilded domes, immaculate gardens, grand statues, candlelit cathedrals and arched bridges over graceful canals, St Petersburg is urban Russia at its most extravagant. Despite its rich heritage, the city has eased into modernity without sacrificing any of its old-world charm. Its shopping malls, alternative cafés and techno clubs exist harmoniously alongside ancient architectural delights and breathtaking historical monuments. Whether visiting some of the world’s greatest art museums, strolling through the Summer Garden, peeping into a gorgeous little neighborhood church, or taking a boat cruise through the canals, you are bound to find plenty to keep you blissfully engaged in this dazzling metropolis whose sheer grandeur never fails to amaze.

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