Favourably situated on the Mediterranean Sea, the tiny, picturesque principality of Monaco is the world’s second smallest independent state. Known for its excessive opulence, glamour and hedonism, Monaco is a luxurious playground for the rich and famous. This prestigious city-state offers a wide range of both historical and modern attractions. Dubbed 'the rock' due to its remarkable medieval stone architecture, the oldest area of the city is Monaco-Ville where the pedestrian streets are strewn with numerous lavish palaces, immaculate gardens and of course the glorious Romanesque-Byzantine Monaco Cathedral. The second oldest area is the magnificent marina, La Condamine, which is typically adorned with extravagant super-yachts and cruise ships and is home to the lovely Condamine Market and the exceedingly upmarket rue Princesse-Caroline mall. Must see attractions include: the world-renowned Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium; the Monaco Opera House; and the Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery which houses an impressive collection of paintings by, among others, Picasso, Miró, and Matisse.

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Electrical sockets in Monaco are one of two electrical socket types: Type C (CEE 7/16 Europlug) and Type E (CEE 7/5 Schuko). If your appliance’s plug doesn’t…

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CurrencyMonaco uses the European monetary unit, the euro (€).Euro bills come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500; coins are worth 1…

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Restaurants in Monaco offer a wide choice of food. Service and standards are excellent. The cuisine is similar to France. Speciality dishes include Barbagiuan,…

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Monaco has a mild climate throughout the year, the hottest months being July and August, and the coolest being January and February. Rain mostly falls…

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Lightweights are worn, with a warm wrap for cooler summer evenings. Light- to medium weights are advised for winter.

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