Le Morne Peninsula

Situated on a unusually shaped peninsula, at the extreme southwestern tip of Mauritius, the little fishing village of Le Morne is best known for its iconic rocky crag, Le Morne Brabant. This UNESCO accredited World Heritage Site presides over the entire Le Morne area which serves as a popular tourist centre. Visitors can look forward to relaxing on the idyllic white sand beaches, and swimming, snorkelling, surfing or kiteboarding in the exquisite reef-protected lagoon. Don’t miss Domaine Des Grands Bois, an impressive 2000 acre park inhabited by a variety of wildlife such as stags, deer, monkeys and rare, exotic birds. While the peninsula itself features some of the island's best beaches lined with an array of luxury hotels, the coastline from the peninsula along to Baie du Cap remains almost entirely free of development and has managed to retain much of its natural beauty.

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