Solio Game Reserve

One of Africa’s finest wildlife reserves, Solio Game Reserve, also called Solio Ranch, is a privately-owned wildlife conservancy. It rests in the southern fringes of Laikipia, near the foothills of the Aberdare range. Best known as Kenya's oldest rhino sanctuary, it is renowned for its major role in the breeding and protection of black rhinos in Kenya. This family-run, private 71-square-kilometre sanctuary is also home to an array of other African wildlife including white rhinos, gazelles, oryxes, giraffes, lions, hartebeests, hyenas and buffaloes. Visitors can soak up the incredible landscapes scattered with wild marsh and yellow-fever acacia meeting wide-open skies, stay overnight in the inviting Solio Lodge and spot wildlife on a dawn game drive. Other Solio activities include hiking, horse-riding and cycling near the airstrip and in safe areas.

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