Ibra is a city in Oman’s Ash Sharqiyah Region, set roughly two hours’ drive from Muscat, and known for its rich heritage. The second-largest city in the region, the city was once a flourishing hub of art, education, and trade, and is decorated with numerous attractions. Primary drawcards are the enthralling watchtowers, the bustling traditional marketplace (souk), and the Falaj Al Afrit. The town is also famous for its finely crafted silver jewellery, known as the best in the country, and its delicious locally-produced bananas, mangoes, and dates. The old town area is an atmospheric place to wander, with its remnants of luxurious colonial buildings. Notably, Ibra is also the home of the massive and powerful Al Harthy Tribe, who led numerous rebellions against the Muscat sultans in the early twentieth century.

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