Buenos Aires

Situated on Argentina’s Rio de la Plata coast, Buenos Aires is a thriving portside capital defined by a rich history, vibrant culture and strong European influence, with the result that it’s sometimes called The Paris of South America. Countless museums covering a cornucopia of subjects; an active theatre culture; carnivorous buffets second to none; sensuous tango performances; a mosaic of architecture; and shops to fit all fancies – all these facets and more make up the seductive blend that is Buenos Aires. Some of the city’s highlights include the buzz of the La Bombonera Stadium; tango and milonga venues such as the Bohemian La Catedral; and heritage architecture such as that at the Cementerio de la Recoleta, where visitors can wander through a ‘city’ of massive statues and marble mausoleums. Don’t miss the International Festival of Independent Cinema and the vibrant annual Pride Parade.

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