Puerto Madryn

Stretching along the wide lip of the Nuevo Gulf, Argentina’s Puerto Madryn offers spectacular ocean views and marine wildlife watching, a vibrant restaurant culture, and an array of outdoor sports. There is a variety of beaches to enjoy, including the town beach, lined by restaurants and often hosting concerts, the pristine El Doradillo where visitors can spot whales, and the quiet Playa Parana pebble beach. Seals, dolphins and whales flourish in the waters, and can be seen in a variety of ways: from the shore, as part of boat tours to islands, or up close as part of scuba-diving expeditions. An abundance of wonderful restaurants serve traditional Argentine cuisine like steak or lamb, as well as fantastic seafood and Italian dishes. The many adventure sports on offer include kayaking, boating, diving, kiteboarding, windsurfing, water skiing, hiking, sandboarding and cycling.

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